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Welcome Package

Click here to download the package

This GIA welcome package has been created by your fellow interns in order to help you get started in Geneva. Throughout this guide you will find helpful hints and suggestions, from providing critical information before you start your internship to the kinds of activities you can take part in once you have settled in Geneva.

We are all privileged to have the opportunity to be an intern at an organization such as the UN, its agencies or NGOs and play our part in contributing to facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. In addition to helpful ‘life’ tips, this guide also provides a short introduction to the work that UN, its agencies and NGOs do via partner links and specialized websites. This is important information to understand before arriving at your international organization.

You will want to take special note of the ways you can get involved with the Geneva Interns Association (GIA), such as the Facebook Group, website and Newsletter. GIA’s Board uses these tools frequently in order to keep all of us interns in touch.

Please read on and enjoy the wealth of information offered in this guide. It has been useful to interns in the past and we hope it will be helpful to you too!

This package gets updated about once or twice a year, if you are a representative of HRD of any organization and would like to receive a copy of the package when it gets updated, send us a request once via email, and you will not need to return to this site.  Alternatively, you could remove this automatic request by sending us an email and simply stating to be removed from the list.

We trust that this GIA ‘product’ will be useful to your organization and its current and future interns!

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