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News Articles 2018


NSW Labor to end ‘exploitative’ unpaid internships
(Australia, 15 December)

Unpaid internships may be more common under new regulations
(USA, 06 December)

Philadelphia’s interns will now be paid to work at mayor’s office
(USA, 12 December)

Chuck Schumer’s listing for an unpaid intern gets ripped apart
(USA, 02 December)


Most’ internships unpaid in retailing and the arts
(UK, 23 November)

Unpaid internships lasting longer than four weeks ‘should be banned’, report says
(UK, 23 November)

Graduates trapped in unpaid internships, study finds
(UK, 23 November)

More than 50,000 Quebec students to strike over unpaid internships
(Canada, 19 November)


Unpaid for 8 months, Karnataka medical interns and PG students stop work in protest
(India, 24 October)

Unpaid internship with Colts leads to high-ranking position 34 years later
(USA, 19 October)

Employment tribunal set to hear intern’s minimum wage case against Monocle next year
(UK, 11 October)


UN agency’s U-turn after unpaid internships row
(WHO, 24 September)

A dubious fashion for unpaid interns
(UK, 22 September)

To End Unpaid Internships, Public Mood Must Change
(Ireland, 12 September)

House and Senate interns are going to get paid — if Congress passes this spending bill
(USA, 07 September)

Labour council needles Watson over unpaid ‘internships’
(Canada, 05 September)


Arts interns: ‘All I wanted was not to be treated like s**t’
(Ireland, 21 August)

Temple student to lobby city officials to pay interns in city departments
(USA, 16 August)

Teachout, who opposed unpaid internships, had unpaid interns
(USA, 11 August)


It’s National Intern Day — Celebrate Interns Across The Country
(USA, 26, July)

How Internships Replaced the Entry-Level Job
(USA, 25 July)

Una Mullally: Unpaid internships threaten all workers
(Ireland, 23 July)

Liberal promise to set strict rules for unpaid internships gets pushed to 2019
(Canada, 13 July)

Unpaid Internships Are Going Out of Style
(USA, 06 July)


Zero wage Britain: the firm that want you to work for free
(UK, 22 June)

Senate will now pay interns, thanks to DC advocacy group
(USA, 14 June)

HSE petitioned over ‘exploitation’ of medical interns
(Ireland, 07 June)

How youth activism is kicking unpaid internships to the curb
(UK, 05 June)

Chuka Umunna ditches unpaid student placements with blast at Jeremy Corbyn
(UK, 04 June)


Unpaid student nurses say they are being used to ‘plug the gaps’ in overstretched Irish health service
(Ireland, 03 May)

Accountancy body calls for end to unpaid internships for students
(UK, 09 May)

40% of UAE internships are unpaid
(UAE, 23 May)

Corbyn wades into Chuka Umunna ‘unpaid intern’ row
(UK, 31 May)


IRFU withdraws job advertisement for unpaid internship
(Ireland, 23 April)

Pay Your Interns, Corporate America, It’s for your own good
(USA, 16 April)

Intern suing Monocle for unpaid wages leaks ‘extreme’ handbook given as guide to working for high-end publisher
(UK, 13 April)

Unpaid intern awarded $75,000 for sexual harassment
(Canada, 03 April)


Human rights tribunal awards $75,000 to unpaid intern
(Canada, 28 March)

City Hall finally offering paid internships
(USA, 22 March)

Cancer Research bans unpaid internships to preserve public’s trust
(UK, 19 March)

Companies defend charging $1000 for unpaid internships
(Australia, 13 March)

Students frustrated with Barnard’s unpaid internship credit policies, lack of grant funding
(Columbia, 08 March)


Unpaid internships mean only the better off can afford to get experience
(Ireland, 27 Feb)

Why Statehouse interns are especially vulnerable to sexual harassment
(USA, 24 Feb)

Government steps up action on unpaid internships
(UK, 09 February)

Initiative to crack down on unpaid internships launched in UK
(UK, 08 February)

How new Department of Labor guidelines will affect unpaid internships
(USA, 01 February)


Top Summer Internship Programs
(Global, 31 January 2018)

Unpaid internships in London now cost more than £1,000 a month
(UK, 30 January 2018)

DOL Adopts New Standard for Determining Whether Unpaid Interns Are ‘Employees’
(USA, 22 January 2018)

Nearly $500,000 available for internships with northern B.C. First Nations governments
(Canada, 17 January 2018)

Unpaid internships are back, with the Labor Department’s blessing
(USA, 13 January 2018)

Confused About Paying Interns? The Rules Just Changed Again
(USA, 11 January 2018)

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