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Here’s Why Not Everyone Can Afford To Do An Internship In 2017
(Australia, 21 December 2017)

Tory Peer Wants Unpaid Internships Over 4 Weeks To Be Banned
(UK, 18 December 2017)

From the greenhouse to space: Two UGA students head to NASA for high-tech agriculture internships
(USA, 18 December 2018)

The pro’s and con’s of unpaid internships
(USA, 07 December 2017)

Democratic National Committee To Start Paying Its Interns
(USA, 07 December 2017)

EU Ombudsman welcomes decision to pay EEAS trainees
(EU, 05 December 2017)


Charities are asking interns to work 252 hours unpaid. That’s a scandal
(UK, 30 November 2017)

Rights, duties of interns are clearly defined under UAE law
(UAE, 20 November 2017)

The intern generation needs transparency at work
(Belgium, 10 November 2017)

Unpaid internships: The EU institutions can – and should – do better
(EU, 10 November 2017)

What Internships Reveal About the Gender Pay Gap
(USA, 06 November 2017)

When internships dont pay, some colleges will.
(USA, 02 November 2017)


Bans on unpaid internships ‘an assault on volunteering’, says nfpSynergy founder
(UK, 25 October 2017)

Public backs ban on long-term unpaid internships, study finds
(UK, 23 October 2017)

Colleges should better serve students with internships
(China, 20 October 2017)

The Case for Taking Unpaid Internships

(USA, 11 October 2017)

Unpaid internships don’t benefit students or their employers
(USA, 08 October 2017)

Student interns aren’t entitled to the minimum wage and it’s costing them big time
(UK, 02 October 2017)


The benefits of interning and how to make the most of your experience
(Australia, 29 September 2017)

Internships: to pay or not to pay?
(India, 21 September 2017)

Internships are proven to help career building
(USA, 18 September 2017)

Unpaid internships unfairly target low income students
(USA, 13 September 2017)

Business, education leaders announce job internship initiative
(USA, 06 September 2017)

UN human rights bosses face furious backlash over ‘appalling’ unpaid 6 month internships
(UN, 01 September 2017)


3 things you should do immediately after your internship ends
(USA, 29 August 2017)

United Learning removes advert for ‘unpaid internship’ in school after MP complains
(UK, 21 August 2017)

Important things you need to know about internships in Kenya today
(Kenya, 17 August 2017)

The 10 companies with the best summer internships, according to current interns
(USA, 10 August 2017)

Mic Investigation: About 90% of US House members don’t pay their interns
(USA, 08 August 2017)

AHA to support up to 10,000 internships
(Australia, 02 August 2017)


Unpaid internships damage long-term graduate pay prospects
(UK, 29 July 2017)

Interns beware: working for free could put a dent in your career
(UK, 29 July 2017)

India is betting on compulsory internships to improve its unemployable engineers
(India, 27 July 2017)

48% of young people have undertaken unpaid internships in the UK
(UK, 24 July 2017)

Exploitation or opportunity? California’s Capitol employs army of unpaid interns
(USA, 15 July 2017)

Government To Push 10,000 Unemployed Youth Into $4/Hour Retail Internships
(Australia, 03 July 2017)


Congress Called Out For Not Paying Interns
(USA, 30 June 2017)

Through internships, Ph.D. students expand their skills and explore their options
(UK, 26 June 2017)

Graduates to get paid internships from next year
(Kenya, 23 June 2017)

Labour’s ‘looking into’ their unpaid internships
(New Zealand, 22 June 2017)

Here’s what an unpaid internship will cost you
(USA, 19 June 2017)

Alice Snedden: Time to ban unpaid internships
(New Zealand, 18 June 2017)



There should be rules for MPs hiring interns, says ex-intern who did unpaid part-time work for a year
(Canada, 31 May 2017)

Are your unpaid internships legal?
(New Zealand, 31 May 2017)

Are Unpaid Internships Becoming The New Norm?
(UK, 26 May 2017)

Unpaid internships: Complaint launched against Belgium
(Belgium, 19 May 2017)

Interns at these 25 companies make more than the median U.S. worker
(USA, 02 May 2017)

Opinion | Unpaid internships are exploitative to less fortunate or unwealthy students
(USA, 01 May 2017)


Hypocrisy? $15 Minimum Wage Backers Offer Interns Nothing
(USA, 27 April 2017)

Interns are shaping their own future — and ours
(USA, 20 April 2017)

Poorer graduates struggle for jobs as unpaid internships soar
(UK, 15 April 2017)

Intern docs made to work 36 hrs a shift for Rs 9,500 monthly
(Nepal, 12 April 2017)

Government launches unpaid internship program despite legislation failing to pass the Senate
(Australia, 02 April 2017)


Over half of Irish interns are unpaid
(Ireland, 30 March 2017)

How do students live on unpaid internships?
(Canada, 30 March 2017)

Unpaid internships might be over, thanks to the Olsen twins
(USA, 28 March 2017)

‘Free work’ stints are failing young Australian workers
(Australia, 27 March 2017)

Pret a Manger backtracks on unpaid internships after backlash
(UK, 25 March 2017)

Here’s a list of every US senator that does — and doesn’t — pay interns
(USA, 10 March 2017)

Why Doesn’t the United Nations Pay Its Interns?
(UN, 10 March 2017)


Interns more likely to be hired as full-time employees
(USA, 22 February 2017)

For an Hour, Khmer Rouge Tribunal Interns Stage Strike Over Pay

(Cambodia, 21 February 2017)

The EU diplomatic corps has been told to discontinue unpaid internships, and it could cause a ripple effect
(Belgium, 17 February 2017)

A bold call for traineeship equality
(Belgium, 17 February 2017)

Interns strike across major cities, asking for payment
(Global, 17 February 2017)

EU interns to rebel against unpaid work
(Belgium, 15 February 2017)


The unconscionable arrogance unpaid internships
(UK, 27 January 2017)

Fashion Editor Gets Fired After Sending Insane Email Blasting “Silly Twat” Intern
(Fashion, 23 January 2017)

More than half of young Australians do unpaid work
(Australia, 17 January 2017)

Unpaid internship trend may penalise poorer job seekers, study finds
(Australia, 17 January 2017)

Ban unpaid internships that penalise working-class young, say MPs
(UK, 16 January 2017)

MGM Settles Class Action Over Unpaid Internships
(USA, 09 January 2017)

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