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Mission and Goals

Our three main aims are to improve:

The Professional Welfare of Interns

Campaigning to improve working conditions, and seeking fair remuneration.

  • Diversifying the accessibility of internship programmes, thereby improving the internship experience and increasing the participation of developing nations.
  • Generating networks and opportunities for professional development.
  • Achieving this through constructive dialogue with international organizations.

Life Beyond Work

  • Continuing and improving interns’ social events like GIA¬†Drinks and GIA¬†Lunches.
  • Sharing knowledge on housing, meals at UN organizations, job opportunities etc.
  • Strengthening the existing community of interns in Geneva.
  • Providing a point of contact for interns with difficulties.

Continuity and a Lasting Institution

  • Many previous initiatives have been started by interns, but the fact that we move on so quickly means that they are soon forgotten and no longer pursued.
  • Having a formal association will help passing experience and information from one generation of interns to the next.


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