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NGO Representation

Countless numbers of NGOs are present in Geneva and their respective interns obtain generally no support, particularly on arrival, when it would prove most essential. GIA, and specifically its welcome package, would therefore have nothing less than a beneficial impact on these ‘invisible’ interns, acting as a basic support system.

We have an interest in expanding the Activities of our “NGO group” to:

  • Assure constant NGO representation and inclusion in GIA activities, formal and informal.
  • Send out the welcome package to all NGOs present in Geneva.
    • In order to do this, the first task of the NGO working group would be to create a ‘NGO list’ with respective contact information in order to then send out the aforementioned welcome package & basic GIA information. As this task is still ongoing, if you have FREE time and a real interest in the welfare of NGOs, please get in touch with GIA and get involved!
  • Continue research within the NGO sector: learn practices of the employers and challenges of interns in this sector, etc.
  • Continuously develop the NGO list: NGOs grow like mushrooms and are often not explicitly mentioned in general listings, thus constant research on the presence of NGOs is needed and their respective contact information must be added to the ‘NGO list’.

Which ever NGO you are from: You are most welcomed to join GIA!

If  you work for an NGO and you are interested being part of the GIA team, please contact us at


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