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News Articles 2012 – 2014



Unpaid internships ‘favour the rich’
BBC (UK, 12/11/2014)

NBC Universal to settle suit by former interns for $6.4 million
(USA, 24/10/2014)

Company under fire after offering six month unpaid internships totalling nearly 5,500 hours of work
(UK, 10/09/2014)

What We Learned Investigating Unpaid Internships
(USA, 23/07/2014)

GlaxoSmithKline sorry for drugs trial pitch to unpaid interns
(UK, 22/06 /2014)

Unpaid Internships: A Priceless Experience?
(USA, 03/04/2014)

Unpaid internships: work for pay, never pay for work
(UK, 20/03/2014)

Overseas unpaid internships a financial impossibility for some students
(UN, 27/01/2014)

Why your unpaid-internship makes you less employable
(Forbes, 16/01/2014)



Condé Nast intern: ‘I cried myself to sleep’
(USA, 21/11/2013)

Stages en ONG : pour fils à papa ou pour la gloire
L’obs, (UN, 20/10/ 2013)

New York Times – Interns Resist Working Free
(New York, 29/09/2013)

Unpaid interns strike back
(USA, 04/09/2013)

Le Temps – Les stagiaires, carburant occulte de la Genève Internationale
(Switzerland, 23/07/2013)

Brussels interns protest working conditions, lack of pay
(Brussels, 17/07/2013)

GHI – Stage non rémunérés, “‘c’est de l’esclavage moderne!”
(Switzerland, 27/06/2013)

Nestlé unveils Youth Employment Initiative in Europe
(EU, 27/06/2013)

The Atlantic Wire – The ‘Black Swan’ Intern Ruling Could Change Unpaid Internship Forever
(USA, 12/06/2013)

The Hollywood Reporter -Interns Win Huge Victory in Labor Lawsuit Against
Fox (USA, 11/06/2013)

Unpaid Internship Up For Auction Isn’t Legitimate
(New York, 02/05/2013)

Unpaid Internships: U Of T Students’ Group Calls For Ban, Says 300,000 ‘Illegal’ Interns Working In Canada
(Canada, 18/04/2013)



Internships lure more Grads to unpaid work
NY times(USA, 06/05/2012)

UN Youth Employment Conference Overlooks Unpaid Internships
(UN, 27/02/ 2012)

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