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Réforme du droit des stages, le gouvernement propose sa réforme aux Nations unies “Reform of the law of internships, the government proposes its reform to the United Nations”
(France, 24 December 2015)

3 of This Past Year’s Worst HR Mistakes and How to Do Better
(UN, 22 December 2015)

‘Unpaid internships perpetuate system of inequality,’ say HRW interns

(Belgium, 22 December 2015)

Unseen Within the United Nations
(UN, 18 December 2015)


UN Interns should maybe talk to the Human Rights committee
(UN, 20 November 2015)

‘Fair payment’ protest by interns at the United Nations in New York broken up by security forces
(UN, 12 November 2015)

Graduate defends ZSL London Zoo’s controversial job vacancy which looked for ‘unpaid intern with a Masters degree’
(UK, 11 November 2015)

UN Intern Protest Ends With Security Breaking Things Up, Asking to Delete Photographs
(UN, 10 November 2015)

UN Interns: shoes at the headquarters as a symbol for those who are unpaid and “unseen”
(UN, 10 November 2015)

UNpaid Interns Protesting in UN Are Told Signs Are Illegal, As Is Filming
(UN, 10 November 2015)

ZSL London Zoo under fire for advertising job vacancy seeking ‘unpaid intern with a Masters degree’
(UK, 9 November 2015)

Is Experience Payment Enough? Unpaid Internships Present an Ethical Dilemma
(UN, 4 November 2015)


Unpaid Interns of the World, Unite! The U.N. and Work in the 21st Century
(UN, 23 October 2015)

The Travesty of Unpaid Internships
(UN, 10 October 2015)


U.N.’s Unpaid Interns Protest in New York
(UN, 24 September 2015)

Unpaid Internships perpetuate inequality between rich and poor students
(UN, 23 September 2015)

Pissed-Off UN Interns Protest Unpaid Internships Outside UN Headquarters
(UN, 22 September 2015)

Swiss foreign minister dismisses calls for UN intern resolution
(Switzerland, 14 September 2015)

How can the UN fight inequality when it doesn’t pay its interns?
(UN, 03 September 2015)


U.N. Interns Should Be Paid
(UN, 26 August 2015)

United Nations’ Interns Pay Debate Ramps Up
(UN, 25 August 2015)

Why the UN doesn’t pay its interns
(UN, 21 August 2015)

The UN does not pay its trainees but wants to increase the salaries of its executives
(UN, 20 August 2015)

Read the letter unpaid interns wrote to their boss, the U.N.’s Ban Ki-Moon
(UN, 18 August 2015)

Unpaid internships: Essential work experience or exploitation?
(UN, 17 August 2015)

The UN’s Unpaid Internships Are Screwing Young People From the Developing World
(UN, 16 August 2015)

UN employed more than 4,000 unpaid interns in 2012-13, figures show
(UN, 14 August 2015)

Protest against Geneva UN headquarters against unpaid internships
(UN, 14 August 2015)

Unpaid UN intern admits to ‘publicity stunt’
(UN, 14 August 2015)

Mother of Kiwi living in a tent: ‘It was good to hear from him’
(UN, 13 August 2015)

Unpaid UN intern who had to sleep in a tent quits after media uproar
(UN, 12 August 2015)

High costs force unpaid UN intern to live in tent
(UN, 11 August 2015)


L’ONU défend le droit du salaire sans l’appliquer “The United Nations defends wage law without applying it”
(UN, 20 July 2015)

Mobilisation des jeunes contre les stages non rémunérés “Youth Mobilize against unpaid internships”
(UN, 18 July 2015)

Les jeunes dénoncent la pratique des stages non rémunérés “Young people denounce the practice of unpaid internships”
(UN, 18 July 2015)

Les stagiaires se mobilisent pour être payés “Interns mobilize to get paid”
(UN, 18 July 2015)

Should the UN pay its Geneva interns?
(UN, 17 July 2015)

NGOs: Addicted to free intern labor?
(UN, 14 July 2015)

« PAYEZ VOS STAGIAIRES! » “Pay your interns!”
(UN, 1 July 2015)


13 Internships and Still No Job: Meet the Eternal Intern
(UK, 21 June 2015)

Interns face uphill struggle in Geneva
(UN, 5 June 2015)


Tout stagiaire mérite salaireAll trainee deserve a salary”
(UN, 15 May 2015)

Les «stagiaires esclaves» rallient le défilé du 1er mai “Slave Trainees” Join the May Day Parade”
(UN, 1 May 2015)


UN interns plan Labour Day march over pay
(UN, 30 April 2015)


UN Internship: Peasantry Need Not Apply
(UN, 23 February 2015)


Unpaid interns have their day in court—again
(USA, 29 January 2015)

Unpaid interns charged £300 for a job reference by thinktank
(UK, 11 January 2015)

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