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Column: Suckers for unpaid internships
(USA, 28 September)

When An Unpaid Internship Is Worth It & When It Really Isn’t
(India, 26 September)

Unpaid internships: privilege in disguise
(USA, 25 September)

Low-income students reflect on unpaid internships and and campus resources
(USA, 25 September)

Majority of Government departments used unpaid interns
(Ireland, 23 September)

Job advertisement prompts debate about unpaid internships in UAE
(UAE, 15 September)

Opinion | Unpaid internships are a privilege
(USA, 08 September)

Graduates beware, don’t fall for that unpaid job advert
(International, 02 September)


Thompson: Unpaid internships are unethical, unfair
(USA, 26 August)

How unpaid internships hurt all workers and worsen income inequality
(USA, 21 August)

Unpaid internships aren’t always worth it
(USA, 18 August 2019)

Unpaid Government Internships Taking a Toll on Students
(USA, 16 August)

Pay Our Interns
(USA, 05 August)

Only rich kids can afford to take unpaid internships. How elitist is that?
(UK, 04 August)

Non-profit takes on unpaid internships on the Hill: “I just want Congress to look like America”
(USA, 01 August)


Beware, some unpaid internships may be illegal
(USA, 31 July)

Forget unpaid internships, some paid jobs also show privilege
(Indonesia, 28 July)

When you legally have to be paid as an intern as 2,000 firms warned they’re breaking the law
(UK, 26 July)

A New Campaign to End Unpaid Internships in the Art World Exposes a Problematic Reliance on Free Labor
(USA, 18 July)

Culture Workers, Just Say No to All Unpaid Internships
(USA, 16 July)

The Growing Tide Against Unpaid Internships
(USA, 16 July)


Work Experience or Free Labor? Learn What Makes Unpaid Internships Legal
(USA, 25 June)

Association of Art Museum Directors Calls for End of Unpaid Internships
(USA, 20 June)

Think Twice Before Not Paying Summer Interns
(USA, 12 June)

New rules released to govern unpaid interns in federally regulated sectors
(Canada, 11 June)

Filmmaker calls for an end to unpaid internships
(New Zealand, 04 June)

Are Unpaid Internships Exploiting Students?
(Australia, 02 June)


Debating the Unpaid Internship
(USA , 28 May)

Paid vs unpaid internships are key to landing a well-paying job upon graduation
(USA, 27 May)

These 2020 Presidential Campaigns Plan To Pay Their Interns
(USA, 05 May)

London criminal law chambers pulls ‘unpaid’ internship
(UK, 09 May)

DOXA 2019 review: Call Me Intern
(Canada, 01 May)

NLRB May Take Up Case Involving the Rights of Unpaid Interns
(USA, 01 May)

In pricey Geneva, UN interns use May 1 demo to demand pay
(Switzerland, 01 May)


Unpaid Intern Workplace Rights Could Get Labor Board Review
(USA, 30 April)

Absence of regulations in India “leads to exploitation of interns” says architecture graduate
(India, 29 April)

London chambers offers ‘unpaid’ internship lasting up to six months
(UK, 25 April)

The Architecture Lobby’s Statement on Unpaid Internships
(UK, 25 April)

Unpaid internships “strong part of the social fabric” in Japan
(Japan, 05 April)


Serpentine Bans Use of Unpaid Interns for 2019 Pavilion Design Team
(UK, 28 March)

European Parliament bans unpaid internships
(Europe, 26 March)

Row over use of unpaid interns by Serpentine pavilion architect
(UK, 22 March)

“Pay Your Interns Now”
(Canada, 21 March)

The UN’s treatment of interns is peak hypocrisy – poor young people are not a disposable workforce
(UK, 13 March)


Promote Diversity And Inclusivity, End Unpaid Internship Culture
(USA, 27 February)

Muffin Break row: Why should millennials work for free?
(New Zealand, 23 February)

Vanier College students stage walkout over unpaid internships
(Canada, 20 February)

A New Group Takes Aim at Unpaid Internships in Journalism
(UK, 13 February)

How Unpaid Internships Reinforce the Racial Wealth Gap
(USA, 04 February)


Pharmacy students protesting outside Dail in row over unpaid work placements
(Ireland, 24 Jan)

Law students offered unpaid internship opportunity to study extreme poverty
(UK, 23 January)

Concordia Journalism Students Strike Against Unpaid Internships
(USA, 18 January)

43 percent of internships at for-profit companies don’t pay. This man is helping to change that.
(USA, 15 January)

Ethics committee passes amendment to protect Senate interns
(USA, 08 January)

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