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What is Professional Welfare?


The objective of the Professional Welfare Working group is to promote the interest of all UN interns in Geneva vis-à-vis the UN as a while, by addressing topics that globally affect all interns.

Considering the difficult living conditions of the Geneva area, related to the cost of living, we seek to dialogue with different UN organisations, agencies, NGOs and associations based in Geneva in order for interns to benefit fully from their internship experience.

GIA is the point of reference for interns in the Geneva area. All international organizations, NGOs or associations located in Geneva and that are welcoming interns can benefit from our services. HR departments can take advantage of our welcome package and induction days to offer their interns all the necessary information for them to get settled in.

UN organizations, agencies, NGOs and other associations based in Geneva that would like to benefit from our services are welcomed to send an e-mail to the Head of the Professional Welfare working group.

All interns interested in collaboration with the Union working group on different tasks: contacting and meeting HR departments, UN and Geneva based Unions and other intern associations, researching and drafting our list of demands, inquiring on different internship conditions, etc.,are welcomed to send an e-mail to:

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