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Posted by on Monday, February 25, 2013 in Home | 0 comments

UN Drinks @ FMR

UN Drinks @ FMR

Hey guys,

As everyone knows thursday is UN drinks time, and this week it will be at FMR!!

You will enjoy various drinks with a discounted rate:

– 5.- a beer
– 5.- kirch
– 5.- White wine
– 10.- a long drink
– 5.- a shot

If you are hungry from 9 until midnight you can eat true american food (burgers, jack daniel’s wings, bagels), check out the menu on their website:

Good music is assured, there will be a DJ playing so as J.LO would say LET’S GET ON THE FLOOR !!!

See you all there!!!

As usual please check out the Facebook event and click on “attending” so that we can request a sufficient number of bartenders and minimize the wait! Thanks!

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