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Posted by on Thursday, March 14, 2013 in Home | 0 comments

TND’s / UN drinks @ Mr Pickwick

TND’s / UN drinks @ Mr Pickwick

Hello guys,

This week’s TND will celebrate our favorite saint, I have nammed Saint-Patrick! To do so, let’s meet together at Mr Pickwick this thursday! Along with irish songs, green beers will be waiting for us 🙂

We’ll be having a special ‘Intern’s Happy Hour’ from 10-11pm and drink prices will be as follow:

-Beer: CHF 6.50
-Wine: CHF 3.20
-Shots: CHF 5.00

If you are feeling hungry, don’t worry, truly delicious burgers are available for reasonable prices ( and other meals as well.

Hoping to see you all there to honor the holly saint, and don’t forget to click on “attending” on the Facebook event!


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