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Pay your interns Picnic

Hi everyone,

GIA would like to thank you for coming to the “Pay your interns” picnic on Thursday the 20th of June, for the last day of the International Labor Conference. We had an excellent turnout: about 100 interns were here for the picture. Some members of the International Labor Conference were also present and showed their support.

We have also provided interns some preliminary results of the intern survey which is presented here below, and will be regularly updated. Please take the take to fill in the GIA 2013 Intern Survey if you haven’t done so.

Stereotypes about internship and interns

  • All interns come from wealthy families
  • Young people do an internship and it gets them into the workplace
  • Internship have nothing to do with the economical crisis
  • Most interns get a stipend or payment for their labour as they are post-secondary educated
  • Internships are inexperienced people who need to start at the bottom and climb up the ladder
  • Internship selection process is consistent and fair

Facts about internships from the GIA’s 2013 survey

  • Only 43% of interns identified themselves as belong to ‘above average socio-economic situation’
  • 21% of itnerns mentioned getting no financial helps from their families
  • About 74% of interns are female
  • 22% of respondents mentioned that their current internship was their first one; 25% mentioned already having done 3 internships or more!
  • As many as 31% mentioned taking up an internship to avoid unemployment
  • As many as 61% mentioned not getting a penny from the organization benefitting from their Masters and often PhD knowledge and working experience
  • 48% had more than 1-year working experience
  • 27% of interns mentioned they worked more than they were ‘contracted for’; and 34% worked often past 6pm
  • Whereas almost 28% fot their internship via a roster, as many as 17% got their internship due to personal contract, and unrelated to experience or studies
  • 19% stated never having discussed their work performance with their supervisor
  • 44% mentioned having no social protection during the course of their internship
  • 16% had to bring their own laptop to their work


Finally, for our French-speaking interns, here is an Article from “Jet d’encre” by Aline Benoit about our campaign. Stay tuned for the next “Pay your interns” picnic. And don’t forget to look for the “Pay your interns” bag at GIA events

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