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GIA 2nd Pay your interns picnic

GIA 2nd Pay your interns picnic


Do you feel that the UN should be leading by example with high-quality, fair internships programmes, but there is room for improvement?Come to GIA’s second Pay Your Interns picnic on the 20th September! And ask your supervisor to join! Let’s show that we exist and that we care. And let’s bring together our ideas on how we want to make this change.The plan for the day:
We’ll meet Place de Nations at 12.30 with our blue bags (if you don’t have one yet, you will get it then). We will take another picture together and then have lunch. During lunch we will be putting up flip charts to collect your ideas on what you think
1) GIA could/should be doing to improve internships and
2) how internships in your organisation could be improved.There will also be a petition for you to sign. Of course we’re hoping you can stay for all of this – but if you’re pressed for time feel free to just join for the picture (or the picnic).

Be assured that all of this (including the picture) is legal. You have the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.
For more information on what GIA is advocating for and best practice examples keep looking through the posts on the event page.

Want to help out?
-Fill out the ***GIA survey*** now! Collecting facts about the reality of internships is one of the strongest tools we have for finding out what is wrong and for doing something about it:

– Brainstorm and talk to each other and staff members about what your organisation and GIA can do!



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