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Geneva Interns Association


GIA is an association of interns working at the United Nations, International Organizations, Private Sector, NGOs & CERN in Geneva. GIA was founded in October 2011 by 24 interns from 8 different organizations. GIA is here to help connect you with people and events in Geneva as well as to provide social, professional and academic growth opportunities while in Geneva.

Organizations such as the ILO, WTO, WHO, IFRC, UNOG, ITC, CERN and UNHCRC already have well organized internal intern networks, so why create another one? The GIA was created for numerous reasons, but one of the primary ones is to bring together the already existing intern associations in both small and large organizations across Geneva. We believe facilitating communication, interaction and better information sharing among intern’s leads to better organized events and initiatives which enhances the overall internship experience for everyone. GIA also aims serve interns from smaller NGOs, Companies and Permanent missions who do not have the luxury of having their own intern associations.

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